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This blog is maintained by Ruth Johnson.

Ruth Johnson is a fictional character sharing her experience planning and going on the first family fishing trip with her husband and two kids, and this site and its derivative works are supported by our sponsors.

The free download provides helpful Northern Pike fishing advice, and includes the short stories of the Johnson’s fishing trips!

About Ruth’s Family Fishing Trips

Ruth is the hard working mother of two pre-teen kids, and wife of a hard working man.  The family lives in the city from day to day, and Mom (Ruth) sees that it’s time for the family to “get away from it all” and have some quiet time to relax.

This blog will share Ruth’s story as she goes through the phases of researching, asking questions, choosing a destination, planning the trip, and ultimately taking her family on a fishing trip to a beautiful locations that they’ll never forget, and always cherish.

Join Ruth as she tells her tale!